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Product Specifications
Ordering Code:40011824 
Mfr Code:SC-70A -1.6MM 
Pack Size:15KG 
Product Features

  • Applications
  • Hyundai SC-70T Cored is ideally suitable for thin plate welding and root pass welding of structural steel. Designed for high productivity and automatic applications where a large amount of filler metal can be deposited with a minimum amount of slag & spatter. Typical industrial applications include shipbuilding, machinery, bridge construction and structural fabrication.
Additional Information

Characteristics on Usage
Hyundai SC-70T Cored has excellent arc stability and negligible spatter level at not only high current but also low current (down to 50Amp). There is minimum slag coverage so it can be used for multipass welding without the need to remove slag.
Notes on Usage
A. Proper preheating (50~150C)(122~302F) and interpass temperature must be used in order to release hydrogen which may cause cracking in weld metal when electrodes are used for medium heavy plates.
B. One-side welding defects such as hot cracking may occur with wrong welding parameter such as high welding speed.
C. Use 100% CO2Gas or Ar+20~25% CO2gas.
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